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“Bonus” is amazing word for all gamblers. It makes the heart beat faster, play more gambling and feel like a VIP guest of a gambling establishment, even if you took advantage of the standard bonus offer for every casino visitor. If you do not know what kinds of bonuses 5 € einzahlen 25 € bonus there are in online casinos – within the framework of this section the Onlinecasinogamesssa team has collected all the questions you want answers to. Are all bonuses equally useful like 50 free spins, no deposit bonus (cash bonus), does £10 free no deposit mobile casino be profitable to use and in what cases from special offers it is better to refuse? Portal Onlinecasinogamesssa tells about these and many other issues without concealment, marketing tricks. How much are bonuses for you, in which cases they do not have value, what bonuses are offered and where to find the best offers? We will tell about this and many other things in the articles of this section.

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Bonus-hunters are a separate caste of casino customers, who for a very short time have managed to change the gambling industry forever. You will find out whether it is profitable to practice bonus-hanging today, how the casino treats similar clients, what tools are used to search for bonuses and why online casinos set such high levels of a wager.

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Today, customers of gambling establishments, choosing a casino for the game, pay great attention not only to the support work, the number of games on the site and the design, but also study the loyalty program in the casino. This is quite natural, because each of us wants to get the most favorable conditions. However, in the pursuit of the generosity of the casino, players often forget about the conditions of the wager, which can often be very, very unprofitable for the player – up to the inexpediency of the bonus as such.

What you should pay attention for?

If you are looking for bonuses for the first deposit or 50 free spins (no deposit required ), then the main, key criterion in choosing is not the size of the bonus provided, however strange it may sound. Look, first of all, on the conditions of wagering – as a rule, they are attached with a separate document or very small font under bright advertising headings. The casino for obvious reasons does not want to attract the attention of players to such things and often the players, in an attempt to get a bonus, release all their money – which, in fact, was the calculation.

Let’s figure it out. Surprisingly, not everyone knows that the bonuses, 50 free spins no deposit bonus or more, that the player receives after replenishment of the deposit can not be withdrawn from the casino right now – this is prohibited by the rules. This bonus is required to win back – that is, bet on a certain amount.

Despite the differences from casinos to casinos, the requirements are very similar. The minimum amount of bets can be a multiple of 10-20 times the size of the bonus, and often also a deposit. Previously, we already said that the conditions of wagering are called “wagers”, and the gambling establishment also demands minimum amount of the first deposit.

Note that the casino can put forward its requirements for the size of the first deposit, in addition the casino can present special conditions – say, win back the bonus only on certain games or on certain limits. All this is quite difficult.

Most casinos do not give unlimited time for wagering – the player must win back the money within the allotted time, or he will lose the bonus. Pay attention to a very generous promise of a bonus, risk losing money, trying to play it. The problem with finances and time has ruined the ambitious plans of far more than one player.

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Everything you wanted to know about casino bonuses

Earlier we already said that casinos quite often regulate the list of games in which bonuses can be won. These are unprofitable, unpopular games for the most part and such conditions are pawned in order to attract the attention of clients. Perhaps you are familiar with the rules of the same roulette, but what are the guarantees that you do not lose all your money there?

So, before you do anything, carefully read the documentation and rules for conducting the shares. The details that you do not notice during the initial inspection can be costly to you in the future. Forewarned – so armed and just reading the terms, you can find a gambling establishment with a normal loyalty program.